Rob M

Content Manager

Hello, to all of the Dolfans that landed on this page about our beloved Miami Dolphins!

My name is Rob Mosley, I was born and raised in South Florida so becoming a Dolphins fan seems like a birthright. I was basically a toddler when Miami won the Super Bowls in the early 70s. I do not have any real memories of those days, but love learning about our favorite team's history.

My memories kick in during the early 80s. My first favorite player was AJ Duhe. I all too well remember the Super Bowl losses of the 80s. Like many of you in my age bracket, Dan Marino along with Mark Clayton, and Mark Duper helped fuel the fire to becoming a diehard Miami Dolphins fan. I created Dolphins Thirsty for fun, so I hope a lot of you have fun as this tiny site grows. We will stick together here. There can be healthy differences, but at the end of the day, we all want our team to win the big game!

If you're thirsty for Dolphins news, then this site should bring some fun. I have no inside sources or anything like that, but I just enjoy writing or talking about our favorite team. Just remember that only one team resides in Perfectville! As always Fins Up!

Dolphins Thirsty is not affiliated with the Miami Dolphins or the NFL in any capacity. The thoughts and views shared here are strictly those of this website.