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Are the Dolphins Cooking?


I know most fans are thinking about Dalvin Cook coming to the Fins. But, are the Miami Dolphins cooking up contract extensions for Christian Wilkins, Zach Sieler, or Connor Williams?


What are the Dolphins Cooking?


Now, that the Miami Dolphins minicamp is over it is time to take the final steps to build a winner in 2023. Are the Dolphins cooking up deals to bring new players to the Fins? Or do they have to extend some current contracts before going outside to bring in new toys?


To Cook or Not to Cook?


If you spend a few minutes on any of the social media outlets, you will see that fans for the most part want to bring Cook to the Dolphins. Cook without a doubt will make Miami a better team. His skillset should play in a Mike McDaniel offense. He is a duel threat out of the backfield as a ball carrier and receiving threat. Plus, he is a solid blocker in pass protection.

We all love new shiny toys coming to the fins! But, are the Dolphins cooking up deals for current players is also vital to success.


The Current Crew


We all knew that Wilkins and Sieler were looking for new deals as the Dolphins entered their mandatory minicamp. But, we were surprised to see that Connor Williams missed time at the minicamp. Williams outplayed his contract last season, he signed a two-year deal so he is entering the final year of his contract.

He wants to be paid and he made it known by being an unexcused absence last week. Sieler and Wilkins showed up, but it is widely known that both players want new contracts. Sieler like Williams has outplayed his contract. The Dolphins plucked Sieler off the Ravens’ practice squad. It was a great move. But, now I’m hoping the Dolphins are cooking up ways to work out a deal for Sieler.

Wilkins is simply the heart and soul of the defense. Yes, he might not get the “sexy” sack numbers, but his contributions to helping win football games are undeniable.


Dolphins Cooking Before Camp?


Now, is the time of year before camps open across the NFL that news starts to slow. But, are the Dolphins cooking up deals behind the scenes? Is there a way to add Cook while giving the trio Williams, Wilkins, and Sieler extensions?


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Mandatory Minicamp Miami Dolphins 2023




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