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Bengals Beat the Dolphins 27-15


The Bengals beat the Dolphins by a score of 27 to 15 on Thursday Night Football. But, the biggest concern for Miami is the health of Tua Tagovailoa. Tua for the second game in a row had an injury that caused great concern. Last week, Tua left the game for a brief period of time towards the end of the first half. However, the Dolphins’ doctors and an unaffiliated league doctor cleared him to return to the game after passing concussion exams. But in this game, Tua was injured more seriously. He was transported to the best trauma hospital in Cincinnati. After they evaluated Tua, he was cleared to return home on the team’s flight. Dolphins Thirsty thoughts are with Tua as well as his family.


The Bengals Beat the Miami Dolphins


The Dolphins once again won the coin toss. As usual, they elected to defer. They kicked off to start the game. The Cincinnati Bengals quickly moved the ball down the field to open the scoring with a touchdown. The scoring play was a short rush by Joe Mixon as the piled of defenders were pushed back into the endzone.

The Dolphins would move the ball well on their first drive of the game with some quality plays from Tua and crew. Yet, the Dolphins had to settle for a Jason Sanders field goal after Chase Edmonds dropped a catchable pass in the endzone. Both teams’ defenses had some stops after the opening drives of each team. Tua threw an interception. The Dolphins stopped the Bengals on a 4th and 1 play.

The Bengals beat the Dolphins in this prime game. Yet, Miami still had their chances. Miami would make it 7 to 6 with another Sanders field goal. However, after the Tua injury, Miami had a chance to make the score 9 to 7 with a field goal. But, the Bengals beat the Dolphins’ special teams with a blocked field goal.

The Bengals quickly took advantage when Tee Higgins caught a long touchdown pass from Joe Burrow. Xavien Howard was in man-to-man coverage on Higgins. The Bengals went up 14 to 6. Teddy Bridgewater would drive the team down the field to get a touchdown on a nice shuffle pass to Edmonds. Sanders missed the extra point. At the end of the second half, the Bengals led 14 to 12.

Both teams had some defensive stops to start the second half. Bridgewater would then throw a 65-yard pass to Tyreek Hill which got the Dolphins in a first and goal situation. Yet, the Dolphins had to settle for another field goal.  The Dolphins took the lead with a 15 to 14 score.

The Bengals beat the Dolphins with a trick play on a 3 and 11 to keep a scoring drive alive. The Bengals would settle for a field goal as well after a first and goal situation. The field goal gave the Bengal a 17 to 15 lead. The Dolphins would not score again. Bridgewater threw an interception along the way. The Bengals would add a 57-yard field goal as well as a game-clinching touchdown. The Bengals beat Miami in this Thursday Night Football game. Yet, the thoughts of Dolphins fans are with Tua. The Dolphins are now 3 and 1 as the Bengals move to 2 and 2. Both teams now have much-needed extra days off.


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