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Chris Grier Press Conference


Notes from the Chris Grier (General manager) press conference that also featured the assistant general manager, Marvin Allen. We all know it is “smokescreen” season. But here are some topics that were discussed. Take them for real or with a grain of salt, general managers are not in the habit of sharing their direct plans for the team.


Miami Dolphins Notes and Thoughts: Chris Grier and Marvin Allen Press Conference


Some fans were not pleased when Chris Grier said the expectation is that Austin Jackson will be the starting right tackle in 2023. Jackson only appeared in two games in 2022 due to injuries. Prior to 2022, his play was not consistent enough to garner any trust from fans that Jackson is a starter. The general manager seems to have more faith in Jackson or at least put it out there that he does.

Jackson started at left tackle (LT) in his rookie season of 2020. But, in 2021 he struggled to maintain his grip on the starting spot. Jackson was moved to guard, he played okay but not up to his 1st round-draft status. So is Chris Grier being truthful in the starting talk of Jackson or is it just a smokescreen? I feel it is a little bit of both.

As of today (04/19/2023), yes Jackson is viewed as the starter as the roster is currently stacked. But, I feel it is also a smokescreen as the 2023 NFL Draft is quickly approaching. Grier does not benefit by coming out saying that we are desperate for an RT. Other teams would use that info to jump-start an OL run before Miami is on the clock. If Miami can’t find a quality RT in the draft there are still post-June 1st cuts and money being freed up. Brandon Shell as of now is still a free agent. Would Jackson beat out Shell in a legitimate camp battle for the starting RT job?


A Fan Reaction to Jackson as a Starter



Chosen “Robbie” Anderson


Chris Grier advised that it was Chosen Robinson and his agent that reached out to the team first. According to Grier, Anderson wanted to return home to South Florida where he was raised. Anderson spent time with Grier, head coach Mike McDaniel as well as Wes Welker (WR coach) prior to signing his Dolphins’ contract. Grier said that Anderson knows the Dolphins have talented receivers on the roster but was comfortable accepting any role the team needed.


Cedrick Wilson’s Trade Talk was Discussed during the Chris Grier Press Conference


Grier said the team is not actively shopping Cedrick Wilson at this time. Grier stated,

“Teams have called. We’re not shopping him. We’ve had a couple teams reach out. He’s a really good guy. We’re trying to do right by him.” This is smokescreen 101, put it out there that you are happy with a player while still letting teams know that other teams are interested.  The “trying to do right by him” line could mean trading him to a team where he will get more action. Yet, it could also mean that maybe they feel that Wilson will improve in year two of the system.

I tend to think if Chris Grier can find a good trade partner, Wilson will be moved. Miami gains very little by cutting him before or after June 1st. So, if no trade is made then Wilson likely makes the 2023 Dolphins. A trade could help both the team and the player in this instance.


Marvin Allen Speaks


Marvin Allen said that he feels that the tight end class in this draft is strong. Like Grier, Allen is good at not giving any plans away of prospects that Miami may or may not like. Allen on the tight end class,

“This is one of the deeper tight end (groups). We feel good about having a good opportunity to grab a good football player. There’s a strong chance there will be a lot of tight ends selected early.”


Final Note


Grier talked about if the team will go with the best player available or fit a need. He stated, “It’s a balance. Always have to look long-term.” Chris Grier also said they have not had any serious talks about trading up or down in the draft. He also said that some teams in the bottom part of the 1st round have reached out to him to gauge Miami’s interest in trading up.

Other topics were discussed but these were the ones that stood out to me.


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