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Dolphins Chatter: 9.5 Wins Over/Under?


Time for some Miami Dolphins chatter as the 2023 NFL season is approaching. What are your expectations for the Fins this season? Will they make the playoffs? Win a playoff game? Or More?


Dolphins Chatter


The oddsmakers have set the over/under win total at 9.5 wins. Do you think the Miami Dolphins will win 10 games or more?  We did a Dolphins Chatter episode on YouTube (See Below) and Facebook and touched on this topic. We seem to think, yes! However, some outside of the fanbase might not be as high on the Dolphins as we are it seems.

Chris Perkins of the South Florida Sentinel had an article on this topic as well. Perkins himself sees the Dolphins going over the 9.5 win mark. But, Perkins spoke with Robert Cooper who is a sportsbook manager at Cooper said the number is close, but he sees the Dolphins coming in at 9 wins, so he would go under if he placed a bet. Cooper reasoned the AFC East will be tough this year and rivals will knock each other off high win totals.


A Win in the Playoffs?


Both Perkins and Cooper predicted that Miami will not win a playoff game after the regular season concludes. Perkins pointed out the Dolphins’ poor record (2-5) against playoff teams during the 2022 regular season. Plus, the playoff loss. Cooper said the Dolphins just making the playoffs are 50-50 in his book, so he says the odds for winning a playoff game are even lower.


Fins News


Dolphins Chatter also discussed the Dalvin Cook update. The Dolphins reportedly have a contract offer on the table for the star running back. But, they are not the only team trying to bring Cook into the fold. The word is that a few teams have contract offers for him. He does not seem to be in any rush to make a decision at this time. Dalvin by his own Twitter account then state that he declined a visit. Per Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins are not the team he declined.

Tyreek Hill has been accused of simple battery as we all know. The incident happened on Father’s Day at the Haulover Marina. The Miami-Dade Police Department did not make an arrest in the case. But, they did turn it over to the State Attorney’s Office (SAO) in Miami-Dade County. Even if the SAO decides not to file charges, Hill could face punishment from the NFL.



Trivia Time!


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