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Dolphins Coach McDaniel Presser

Dolphins Coach McDaniel’s Press Conference on Monday after Ravens Game.

Dolphins Coach McDaniel ends his press conference by joking about Gesicki’s TD dance. Make sure to listen!


Dolphins Coach McDaniel touched several topics in his day after game press conference. McDaniel opened the press conference by getting a question on the injury status of Cedrick Wilson Jr in reference to Wilson’s ribs. McDaniel stated the imaging did not show any breaks, but that Wilson was sore. So, Wilson is currently on day to day status.

The Dolphins coach said that Kader Kohou started the second half based on the game matchups at that time. So, it had nothing to do with a benching. Coach said that Kohou raised to the occasion and did a very good job. He said that comeback wins shows that no lead is safe in the NFL. Scores are trivial until the 4th quarter. Also, coach mentioned that you can never control all aspects of a game. Dolphins Coach McDaniel on the opening kickoff described it as a punch to the gut.

McDaniel said getting more players involved in the game outside of Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle is important. Because, you do not win games in the NFL by being a 1 or 2 trick pony. On facing the Buffalo Bills this week, he said competitors like facing the best. The Dolphins coach went on to say that that this group of players on this roaster are all competitors. He stated, that come 4:30 pm on Sunday, we will have a better understanding of where we stand.

“Complimentary football” is a big part of winning. He said in the first half they did not play complimentary football well. But, the Dolphins Coach stated they came out in the second half and played complimentary football. To close the presser, coach jokingly described Gesicki’s TD dance, he said it was not a subpar performance so it was not the worse. But, it was in the family of the worse.

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