Dolphins Fall Eagles

Dolphins Fall to Eagles, Now What?


The Miami Dolphins fall to the Philadelphia Eagles by a score of 31 to 17. They drop to 5 and 2, but they remain atop the AFC East. The Fins must regroup this week as they prepare to take on the New England Patriots. 


Dolphins Lose, but Remain in First Place in the AFC East


The referees did not do the Dolphins any favors, but the bottom line is that Miami did not do enough to win the game. There is room for improvement which needs to take place soon.

The good news is that Miami should be getting some key players getting back in the near future. The narrative seems to be that the Dolphins can’t beat good teams.

Miami needs to erase that narrative soon. But, this week they will be favored against the Patriots, but they cannot look ahead to the following game against the KC Chiefs. Winning the next two games will help change the narrative, but it is a long season. Things change quickly in the NFL. Week by Week for now!


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