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Dolphins Fans: 2023 NFL Draft or Playoffs Goal?

Concerns of  Miami Dolphins Fans


The 2023 NFL Draft will be held in Kanas City (KC), Missouri starting on April 27, 2023. The NFL took away the Miami Dolphins’ first-round draft pick. The Dolphins still own the 49ers’ first pick. So Dolphins fans, as the 2022 season unfolds, do you think we will be worried about the 49ers’ record as the season passes by this year?  Will Dolfans be more concerned about an off-season event that takes place in KC in 2023?

Or is this the season, that we will be more interested in a playoff game that takes place in KC when the calendar rolls to 2023? Will Dolfans be rooting for our beloved team as they play KC in a vital playoff game? Or will it be another season of worrying about next season? Check your pulse!

Listen to the Heart or the Brain?


My heart tells me that this is the season that Dolphins fans will finally see a playoff victory if nothing else! I’m sure tired of hearing Miami mentioned in the same breath as the Detroit Lions every time people mention NFL playoff victory draughts. No offense to Lions fans, they are as loyal as Dolfans, but I hope Miami obtains a playoff victory before the Lions. Yes, I’m petty! I’m sure Lions fans want their Lions to do what we want Miami to do!

My brain tells me to slow my roll. As a lifelong Dolphins fan, I have seen our Fins be “offseason winners” several times which only led to heartbreak as the season played itself out. It is time that our favorite squad takes a huge step forward to obtain that elusive playoff victory. I’m not even talking about winning a Super Bowl or even an AFC East title for that matter. Until the Dolphins can show their fans that they can beat the Buffalo Bills,  I’m not predicting any titles of any sort.

Enjoy the Ride Dolphins Fans!


Every season is a roller coaster ride. Hopefully, there will be more ups than downs.  I will enjoy watching the Dolphins along with other fans. Watching Tua Tagovailoa, Tyreek Hill, and Jaylen Waddle should be awesome.  The defense should be fun to watch as well.  Until the season kicks off, all we can do is have hope! As Always, Fins Up!

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