Dolphins in snow thirsty

Dolphins in Snow


It appears that the Miami Dolphins game against the Buffalo Bills will have some snow. Hopefully, the slumping Dolphins heat up in a hurry to snap their current two-game losing streak.


Snow Might Fall on Dolphins. A Hot Performance is Needed!


This is the third game of a brutal 3 game road game stretch. The Dolphins came up short in the first two games of this road trip. Those games were on the west coast. There was no snow falling in those games but Miami’s offense still seemed frozen in its tracks. Can the return east help the Dolphins return to form?

Injury Notes for Miami


Out: (S) Eric Rowe- Hamstring,  (S) Elijah Campbell-Concussion

Doubtful: (WR) River Cracraft-calf injury

Questionable: (OT) Terron Armstead-pec/toe/knee, Teddy Bridgewater-Knee, (RB) Jeff Wilson-Hip


The weather at kickoff will not be like those of South Florida. Reports are saying the temperature could be in the low 30s or high 20s with reports of possible heavy snow. The Dolphins are the heavy underdogs in this contest. But, they need to find a way to overcome the odds.


Balanced Offense


Miami can’t depend strictly on the passing game of Tua Tagovailoa tonight. The Bills will tee off with a relentless pass rush if so. The Dolphins must establish that they can run the football. This will open things for the entire offensive game plan. Even when Tua does pass he should look for the shorter “hot” route more often. Last week, the Chargers took the middle of the field that Tua loves to hit. The NFL is a copycat league so expect the Bills to do what the Chargers did last week.


The Dolphins Defense must Snow on Josh Allen


The Dolphins cannot let Josh Allen destroy them with his legs. Miami has let running quarterbacks do big damage this season. So, hopefully, Miami has a plan to keep Allen in the pocket. Of course,  Stefon Diggs is a tremendous threat when Allen takes to the airwaves. Miami is going to keep eyeballs on Diggs all night. The Bills also have Cole Beasley returning to action tonight.


Snow or no snow falling on the Dolphins there are no excuses. Miami must show that they are a legitimate playoff-caliber football team tonight. A loss does not knock the Dolphins out of the total playoff picture, but the confidence level of Dolfans will take a hit. It will start to feel that Miami might not make much noise in the playoffs if they at the very least can’t keep this game competitive.




Some Dolfans will be in the house!

Dolphins in snow

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