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Dolphins Moving Ahead?


Dolphins moving ahead but in a sea of sharks. Miami finished the 2022 regular season with a 9 and 8 which was good enough to sneak into the playoffs. Yes, they “sneaked in” because they needed help in the final week of the season. The Dolphins lost a hard-fought playoff game to the Buffalo Bills.


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Dolphins Moving: The 2023 NFL Season Awaits


The Miami Dolphins moving forward look to compete with the best the NFL has to offer. Miami has a talented roster that has been added to this offseason. But, is it enough in the fierce AFC East and the stacked AFC? Yes, Miami seems to have improved so far this year with some moves still to come. Yet, there are other teams feeling the same way.

The Buffalo Bills were not the juggernaut that many people were expecting in 2023. Yet, they are still the beast in the AFC East until a team knocks them off. The New York Jets have added Aaron Rodgers so their fans are feeling they have moved to the top of the talent pool in the division.

The New England Patriots are still coached by Bill Belichick so they will be no easy out for other AFC East teams. This will be a competitive race from the jump. Wins within the division will be critical when it comes down to tiebreakers.

Of course, the Kanas City Chiefs are still the team to beat in the AFC if your team wants to reach the big game. The Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens, Los Angeles Chargers, and Jacksonville Jaguars all feel like they have what it takes to compete in the very tough AFC.

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Do you feel that the Dolphins are moving in the right direction for winning the AFC East? I feel that the Dolphins have a better roster than they did for the 2022 season. But, and this is big BUT are they better than Bills? Have the Jets improved enough to overtake the division?

If Miami wins enough games to get to the playoffs can they beat the cream of the crop? The Chiefs and Bengals are still at the top thus there will be no easy path to the Super Bowl. Are you willing to gamble that the Miami Dolphins will be playing in Las Vegas when the big game is played on February 10, 2024? The Dolphins are moving ahead but will it be fast enough to beat the sharks to grasp the Lombardi Trophy?





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