Dolphins Officially Pick Up Tua’s Fifth-Year Option

The Miami Dolphins announced Monday morning that they have picked up Starting Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s fifth-year option.

Tua is now locked into a fully guaranteed deal of $23.3 million for the 2024 season. After being drafted 5th overall by the Dolphins in 2020, Tagovailoa has played in 36 out of the 51 games he’s been in the league with a record of 21-13. Last season, he threw for 3,548 yards with 25 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. Despite only playing 13 games in 2022, he led the league in passer rating (105.5).

A Divided Fan Base

Since being drafted, Tua, through no fault of his own has been a dividing force between the Dolphins fan base. First, because some fans preferred other quarterbacks in the 2020 draft, second, because some fans are die hard loyalist to Tua and come after anyone who says anything they perceive as negative towards QB1, and finally because the team itself has openly flirted with other quarterbacks (Deshaun Watson and Tom Brady) since the 2020 draft. So, the fan base and one would have to assume Tua himself has spent the past three seasons wondering what’s next? Who’s next? Well, for the first time in a long time the Dolphins have given everyone a definitive answer.

Committed to QB1

By picking up Tua’s fifth year option, the Dolphins essentially squashed any potential of them going after another quarterback for this season. They are fully committed to Tua as their starting quarterback for the 2023 season and having him on the roster in 2024 as well. Paying a starting caliber quarterback $23.2 million in 2024 is a bargain in today’s NFL and if Tua can stay healthy next season and perform as he did the first half of last season, Miami can be in a prime position to add additional talent to an already stacked roster and put themselves in legit contention for a Super Bowl next offseason.

The What If?

The What if… What if Tua goes down with yet another injury in 2023 and misses significant time? or under performs in December when Miami’s playoff chances are on the line? Are the Dolphins locked in on him being the starter in 2024? Does the $23.2 million guaranteed deal stop Miami from pursuing or drafting another quarterback? The simple answer is no.

The guarantee ensures Miami will not chase another QB this season but leaves the door wide open come next offseason if they decide to go in another direction. With addressing most of the holes on their roster this offseason, they could simply package a deal to move up in next years draft and get the top rookie quarterback (Caleb Williams? Drake Maye?) or follow the Rams route to success and acquire a veteran QB to lead them to the Lombardi Trophy.

It’s On Tua Now

Picking up the fifth-year option now gives Miami flexibility to address more pressing needs while also silencing the outside noise of chasing another quarterback. Everyone knows who is QB1 in 2023, it’s Tua Tagovailoa – and it’s now up to Tua to find a way to stay healthy and be available in meaningful games, it’s up to Tua to win the meaningful games, and it’s up to him to definitively silence the doubters. Next season is a make or break season for Tua’s career as the Miami Dolphins quarterback – let’s sit back, allow it to play out, and hope for the best.

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