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Stats and Dolphins Notes


Some quick Miami Dolphins stats as far as franchise records. Of course, the most important stat is 8 and 3.  But, it is always fun to look at some team records.


Tyreek Hill Stats & More


Tyreek Hill has 1233 receiving yards this season in 11 games played. The team record is 1389 yards which is held by Mark Clayton. Clayton set the “mark” in 1984. Clayton played in 15 games during the 1984 season. Right now, Hill is only 156 from tying the Dolphins’ season record for yards. In other words, Hill will most likely be sitting atop the yardage stats record for the Dolphins by the time they play their next home game on Christmas Day against the Green Bay Packers.  Clayton averaged 92.6 yards per game in 1984. Hill is currently averaging 112.1 yards per game in 2022.


Waddle Time


Jaylen Waddle currently has 963 yards for the 2022 season. So, he is 426 yards away from Clayton’s team record. He will be adding up more stats for sure. So, it is within reason that Clayton’s could drop 2 spots this year. Mark Duper had 1306 yards in 1984. So, it will be fun watching to see if Hill and Waddle could pass the retired dynamic dual as a 1-2 punch for yard stats for a season. Duper’s top yardage year came in 1986 (1313 yards).

The touchdown stats record seems safe though. Clayton caught 18 TD receptions in 1984. So, unless Hill or Waddle pick up their TD reception rate, Clayton will remain the season TD reception champ for Miami. It should be noted that Clayton broke the NFL TD reception for a season in 1984. It has since been surpassed (Randy Moss w/23 Jerry Rice w/22).

(Source: Pro-Football-Reference)


Other Notes from the Fins


After taking on the San Francisco 49ers this week, Miami will stay out west as they get prepared to take on the Chargers in Los Angeles. By now, you know the Dolphins and Chargers came has been moved to Sunday Night Football.

Raheem Mostert will likely be able to play against his former team this week. Mostert was inactive against the Houston Texan. 

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