Dolphins Thirsty, Fins Talk Sports Network

Dolphins Thirsty FTSN


I made my weekly appearance as Dolphins Thirsty last night on the Fins Talk Sports Network (FTSN). Real Talk Fins Talk is the show that I co-host. The host of the show is Steve Molloy. Real Talk Fins Talk airs every Tuesday at 7:30 PM (EST). Links to FTSN are below!


Dolphins Thirsty on FTSN



Make sure to find FTSN on YouTube! They have all kinds of cool sports coverage. They have a few shows that focus on the Miami Dolphins. Reach out to Fins Talk Sports Network on Twitter as well!


Ready to test your knowledge of all things Fins? If so, make sure to hit that Miami Dolphins Triva menu button on the top of our page!





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