Dolphins thirsty helmet stickers

Dolphins Thirsty Helmet Stickers


After Miami’s victory yesterday (10/30/2022), Dolphins Thirsty is giving helmet stickers out to the stars! Some of the stars are obvious, but some might surprise you. Let us know who we missed!


The Helmet Stickers from Dolphins Thirsty


  1. Tua Tagovailoa: Tua put up some impressive numbers for the stat geeks! He had three TD passes (Should be 4) to go along with his 382 yards of passing. He also added 19 rushing yards. So if you do that math he just accounted for over 400 yards of offense. He also avoided throwing an interception. He was 29/36 on throws. An easy choice for a Dolphins Thirsty helmet sticker.
  2. Tyreek Hill: Hill did not get a TD reception. But, he did everything else. His numbers were like that of a video game in rookie mode. He had 12 receptions for 188 yards. Hill was a major reason Miami put up 31 points. He added a rush of 7 yards which resulted in a first down. Another easy choice for a helmet sticker for Dolphins Thirsty.
  3. Jaylen Waddle: Jaylen was able to do the “Waddle” after being on the receiving end of 2 TD passes for Tua. Waddle had 8 receptions for 106 yards. Yet, another easy helmet star selection for Dolphins Thirsty.
  4. Mike Gesicki: Gesicki did not have huge stats. But, he had the TD grab that put Miami ahead in the game. A lead that would hold up in Miami’s victory. Not bad considering Gesicki has been the subject of trade rumors.
  5. Alec Ingold: Ingold got a TD on a 1-yard rush that he took directly from the center. This is the TD that followed what should have been the TD of Trent Sherfield. The TD is nice. Yet, he was shown blocking downfield on a Tua run on another play. So, he gets a Dolphins Thirsty helmet sticker.
  6. Offensive Line: This unit gave Tua time to throw. It was not a perfect performance, but they deserve a helmet sticker as a unit.



Some Defensive Love Now


  1. Zach Sieler: Sieler delivered a sack for Miami. He also knocked down a couple of throws. Sieler may not have had a monster day. But, it seems like this unsung hero delivers plays every week for Miami’s defense. For that alone, he is getting a Dolphins Thirsty helmet sticker.
  2. Kader Kohou: Kohou gets a helmet sticker from Dolphins Thirsty for the 4th down play where the Lions decided to go deep. Kohou had good coverage on the play. Kohou has been a pleasant surprise for a Miami secondary that has been hit with injuries.


Well, the Dolphins are now 5 and 3 as they prepare to travel to Chicago to face the Bears. Dolfans, enjoy this victory over the Lions.

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Dolphins Thirsty Helmet Sticker






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