Dolphins Trivia Saturday Thirsty

Dolphins Trivia Saturday


A Miami Dolphins trivia quiz for you this Saturday (10/29/2022). Test your Dolfan knowledge by taking the plunge into this fun Fins quiz! Some are difficult! Yet, you will learn from the ones you do not already know! Tell Dolphins Thirsty some topics or eras you like to see in future quizzes! You can leave us a comment here or reach out to us on Twitter.



Saturday Dolphins Trivia


#1. Ricky Williams attended which college/university?

#2. What QB has the longest TD pass in Dolphins' history?

#3. What RB has the longest TD run in Dolphins' history?

#4. Which WR has the most career receiving yards in Dolphins history?

#5. Who has the most career interceptions in Dolphins history?

#6. Who is the all time sacks leader for the Miami Dolphins?

#7. Who is listed as holding the all time number of tackles for the Dolphins?



So how did it go? Did this Dolphins trivia quiz get your brain working? Well, we have other ones too! Make sure to check them out as well as you learn and test your Dolfan IQ! Here is a link to some other Dolphins trivia quizzes! Keep checking back for more Miami Dolphins content of all types!

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