Dolphins Tuesday Trivia 4

Dolphins Trivia Tuesday 4


Hello Dolfans, it’s time for Miami Dolphins Trivia Tuesday 4! Dive right in and have your Fins brain swimming! You will learn a little bit about your favorite team as you go!


Miami Dolphins Tuesday Trivia 4


#1. Mark Duper attended which college/university?

#2. Don Shula won 347 games in his coaching career. How many of those were with the Dolphins?

#3. How many TD passes Dan Marino throw in his career?

#4. Which WR holds the record for most receiving yards in a game for the Dolphins?

#5. Three Dolphins share the record for most touchdowns (4) in a game. Which 3 players?

#6. What Dolphins kicker holds the team record for field goals (7) in a single game?

#7. Dan Marino holds the top 3 spots for most passing yards in a single Dolphins game. Who comes in the 4th spot for most yards in 1 game?



Did you kick butt? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter how you did! More quizzes here! Resources used for this Miami Dolphins Trivia quiz: and Both of these sites are a lot of fun. They are great places to learn facts about the Miami Dolphins as well as other teams.

Fins Up and thank you for taking the time to take this quiz.

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