Dolphins Trivia Tuesday 8

Dolphins Trivia Tuesday 8

It is time for Miami Dolphins Trivia Tuesday 8! You will do great! Take the Dolfan quiz!


#1. What jersey number did Richmond Webb wear for the Miami Dolphins?

#2. What college/university did Keith Sims attend?

#3. What college/university did Keith Jackson, former Dolphins TE, attend?

#4. In what year was Keith Sims and Richmond Webb drafted?

#5. Which team did the Dolphins beat to have Don Shula pass George Halas for the all time wins record?

#6. Which QB entered the game when Scott Mitchell got injured to help Shula get his record victory?

#7. Nat Moore wore what jersey number for the Miami Dolphins?



How did you do on this Dolphins Trivia Tuesday quiz? Tell Dolphins Thirsty on Twitter or comment here! Make sure to click the Miami Dolphins Trivia tag in this post to see more quizzes.  Share results with your friends!

Let us know if there is any type of trivia content you will like to see on our pages. Do you prefer more current trivia content or do you prefer quizzes from eras of the past? It is the offseason for our Fins Up squad so it is a good time to get caught up on your Dolfan knowledge! Once again, thank you for taking your time to complete this Miami Dolphins Trivia Tuesday 8 quiz. As always, Fins Up!

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