Dolphins Vindicated

Dolphins Vindicated! But???



The Miami Dolphins vindicated from wrongdoing in the Tua Tagovailoa injury situation . The NFL and NFLPA have determined that the Dolphins followed all the protocols that were in place when Miami faced the Buffalo Bills. But, all the misinformation that was spread around before any facts were known can never be taken back. There were people calling for Miami to fire their head coach, Mike McDaniel. Yet, there was no evidence that McDaniel acted improperly.

The skeptics will point out how the protocol is now changed as part of the investigation. Yet, all that proves is the finger pointing was directed at the wrong parties. If the protocols were flawed as they are now saying then that falls squarely on the NFL and more specifically the NFLPA. They are saying under the new protocols Tagovailoa would not have been allowed to return to play. But, once again that is just part of the previous protocols that everyone agreed upon at the time.

Tagovailoa said right away that is was a back and ankle issue against the Bills. He never complained about head pain issues. Dolphins vindicated, but they will not likely receive any apologies from the blowhards that shouted out before knowing the facts.

Vindicated Dolphins set to Play the Jets


Now, that the matter is behind them. The Dolphins will face the Jets today at Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. Our vindicated Dolphins will be fine with Teddy Bridgewater manning the QB position until Tagovailoa is able to return. Make sure to like the all new Dolphins Thirsty Facebook page.

Favorite Dolphins Logo?


Miami Dolphins Logos


Comment below to let us know your choice! Fins UP & Go Dolphins! Hopefully, all the Dolfans attending the Metlife takeover will leave happy once again. This game is an important one for both teams. Miami needs this one if they have hopes of being serious playoff contenders. Because, divisional games are crucial in tiebreakers. Yet, you know the Jets feel like they are contenders as well as they entered with a 2 and 2 record. So, Teddy better be ready!

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