Dolphins vs patriots

Dolphins vs Patriots Notes


The Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots has a lot on the line. Especially for the Fins.


Week 17: Dolphins vs Patriots in Foxboro


Dolphins vs Patriots always has meaning due to it being a divisional rivalry. Yet, this year Miami really needs to step up its game to beat New England. The Fins have lost four games in a row. Everything was looking great at 8 and 3. Now, at 8 and 7 the team has its backs up against the wall.

We did not get to witness a December win for Miami in 2022. But, when they play tomorrow it will be a new month as well as a new year.

Keys to a Miami Victory


  1. Avoid Turnovers on offense! Yes, this is almost always the case in any football game played in history. Yet, it feels like it needs to be stated since Miami is coming fresh off a game that they turned the ball over 4 times against the Packers. The Patriots have thrived this season when their defense gets turnovers.
  2. Balanced Attack. Another old concept that stays true throughout football. Tua Tagovailoa will not be playing as a result of sustaining a concussion. So the Dolphins’ offense vs the Patriots defense must be able to run the ball. Yes, they will need to use their best weapons in Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle but they must run the ball! New England does a great job of putting pressure on quarterbacks. A solid running game will make the Patriots be honest instead of dialing up relentless heat on Teddy Bridgewater. 
  3.  Special teams need to improve. Miami coverage teams have hurt them this season allowing long returns. Sanders needs to make kicks when he gets the chance. When it is Dolphins vs Patriots, it is very possible that the game will come to a kicker making or missing a field goal.
  4. Defensive pressure! Miami needs to bring the heat against Mac Jones. Jones has not done well when blitzed this season. Yes, Miami has injuries in the defensive backfield which may require them to tone some blitz packages. But, when the Patriots get in passing situations Miami must find a way to put pressure on Jones. Jones has shown that he can hurt a defense if he gets time to throw the ball.
  5. Overcome injuries. Miami, like a lot of teams at this point in the season, has injured players. Bridgewater and the rest of the backup must stand up this week. They are an NFL roster for this very reason.


Tell us your thoughts on the Dolphins vs Patriots game!

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