Erik Ezukanma

Erik Ezukanma or the Running Game?


Will Erik Ezukanma (AKA Easy E) or a consistent Miami Dolphins rushing attack show up first? With the additions of Tyreek Hill and Cedrick Wilson Jr, most people were not expecting Miami to draft a receiver in the 2022 NFL Draft. Yet, with a limited number of picks as a result of the Hill trade, the Dolphins still used a 4th round pick on the talented Texas Tech WR.

Dolphins WR Coach Wes Welker noticed Erik Ezukanma during the draft process. According to media reports, Welker was impressed with the skillset and size combination of Ezukanma. Welker told local media that Ezukanma is working on fine-tuning his game. The coach also said that Eric still has a lot of work to do. Welker said the young receiver is talented, but that everyone is talented. The Dolphins are working on having  Ezukanma become more detailed oriented. Welker pointing that missed assignments can cost you games. Yet, his confidence in the young WR remains high.

Erik Ezukanma now to the Rushing Attack


Mike McDaniel’s hiring this past offseason, brought renewed hope from fans that Miami’s rushing attack would improve. There have been some signs of hope. But, the consistency has not been there as of yet. Chase Edmonds and Raheem Mostert have shown flashes where you think they are just about to rip off a big run. They seem to have a good burst of speed. Yet, for whatever reasons the rushing attack has not lived up to expectations at this point.

Austin Jackson may have not lived up to some people’s expectations to this point in his career. But, from all accounts, it looked like he had taken some positive steps. Jackson has missed game action since the first week. However, he is eligible to return to the game action following the New York Jets game. So, that might be a spark plug that helps the running game improve.


Do you think Erik Ezukanma or the rushing attack will show up first? 
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