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Fanduel Week 10 Miami Dolphins


 Are you ready for Fanduel Week 10? It is no secret now that the Miami Dolphins have been one of the best fantasy teams to target for daily fantasy on Fanduel. The prices of their main weapons are getting high but they can still break the slate at any point at these prices. This week Miami is on the main slate of games again. That means we will get to fire up our favorite Dolphins players this weekend.


Miami has yet again been blessed with another fantasy-friendly matchup. They have played the Bears, Lions, and Steelers the past three weeks, who have all been subpar on defense. Now they get to face the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland has allowed 25 points per game, tied for 7th most in the league with the Dolphins, and they give up a lot of yards on the ground.


Quarterbacks Week 10 of Fanduel!


Tua has thrown for 682 yards and six touchdowns in the past two games with three touchdowns coming in each game. During those games he also hasn’t turned the ball over due to an interception or a fumble. He has been great and it should continue to roll this week. If Cleveland has strength on their defense it would be their pass rush and pass defense. It should be a beatable defense for this pass-reliant Miami offense though. Tua is the fourth highest-priced quarterback on Fanduel but the price should be worth it.


Another route to go is against the Dolphins, which we suggested last week in Justin Fields and he got 43 Fanduel points. This week the opposing quarterback is Jacoby Brisset who is $7,000, a great value. For one of the cheapest quarterbacks on the slate, you can get a quarterback with a high upside after he got over 20 Fanduel points last week.


Running Backs


We said last week it would be interesting to see how much Jeff Wilson would cut into Raheem Mostert’s workload. They both ended up getting nine carries but Wilson saw more work in the passing game. Mostert is priced at $5,900 and Wilson is up to $6,500. This could be an overreaction to a good first game from Wilson and this week could prove that Mostert still slightly has an edge over Wilson. Cleveland has a below-average run defense as well.


The first pick in most fantasy football drafts Jonathan Taylor has seen his price drop shockingly low on Fanduel. He is priced at just $7,000 this week. In six games so far this year he has scored a high 26 fantasy points followed by just 12 in his next highest-scoring game. It could be a big-bounce-back week for him at a good price. Do you like Fanduel Week 10 RB picks?

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Wide Receivers


The price for Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle keeps getting higher and higher. Hill is now at $9,000 and Waddle is at $8,200. Again, it may be hard to get both of them in your lineup along with Tua at $8,100. That would leave you with about $5,700 per position for the rest of your lineup. Waddle brings more value but Hill has a higher floor. Both have extremely high ceilings with Hill having just a slight edge this time as far as his ceiling. As with all other positions, there are other options outside of Miami for Fanduel action in week 10.


Donovan Peoples-Jones is a cheaper wide receiver who fits right into that remaining budget of $5,700 per player after selecting Tua, Hill, and Waddle. He can also be paired with Brissett in a lineup. Peoples-Jones has had at least 71 yards in four of his past five games.



Tight Ends


Mike Gesicki has proved to be a boom-or-bust TE play. His price is now down to $5,100, which is reasonable but with his targets going down the past two weeks, it is hard to recommend him. As with all tight ends, he can save his fantasy day with a red-zone touchdown, which he gets about every other game.


A trade away from Detroit may have been exactly what T.J. Hockenson needed. In his first game with Minnesota, he got the most targets he has had since October 2nd and caught all nine of them for 70 yards. He is a top tight end play in week 10 of FanDuel.



Defense for Fanduel Week 10


A defensive touchdown made the day for Miami, which made them a good value defense last week as we predicted. They got nine points at just $3,600. This week they are bumped up to $4,000 and are not as good of a value but still could make some plays against Brissett who turns the ball over a lot. What QB do you prefer for Fanduel in week 10 of action?


For just $300 more than Miami, you can play the New York Giants defense who play arguably the worst offense in the NFL, the Houston Texans. New York has been a solid defense and could break the slate if they can force a few turnovers against Houston.


Thank you for viewing the picks for Fanduel Week 10! Tell Dolphins Thirsty on Twitter what you think! Are you a Dolfan? If so, you will love to read about Dolphreaky!


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1 year ago

i like taylor and jacobs not so mch dolphins this wk

Rob Mosley
1 year ago
Reply to  grant

Thank you for the comment! Yes, Dolphins might be a could skip this week.