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Miami Dolphins 08/23/2023


The Miami Dolphins local news roundup!


Miami Dolphins News and Notes


Miami Dolphins nuggets from the Sun-Sentinel:


David Furones had an article about David Long. The article talks about Long’s reputation as a linebacker that can ran and hit. Miami’s defensive coordinator, Vic Fangio stated, “David can run. He’s a run-and-hit guy and can make good, flashy plays.”

Fans that watched the Dolphins play the Houston Texans on Saturday probably remember that play by Long that resulted in three yard loss by the Texans. Long used his instincts and speed to shoot the gap to tackle Dameon Pierce behind the line of scrimmage.

What Long said about that play, “It feels good.” He continued, “I haven’t played since last year, so I was excited to get back out there. I was just trying to, that whole drive, make a play. My big thing is making a play behind the line of scrimmage.” “It was just knowing, pre-snap — I’ve been playing the game a lot — just reading the tight end and the tackle, just knowing what’s coming,” Long said.


Jonathan Taylor


Chris Perkins (Sun-Sentinel) does not think that the Dolphins should trade for Jonathan Taylor. Perkins understands that Taylor would be an upgrade in the running back room. But does not like the cost from a salary cap and draft capital impact.

Perkins take:  I don’t want to give up a first-round pick, or the equivalent of a first-round pick, and then have to give Taylor, say, a four- or five-year deal worth $10 million or more a year for a number of reasons. Perkins went on to write:

But it’s fiscally irresponsible and it’s incredibly disrespectful to the current Dolphins players awaiting new deals.


Miami Herald


Barry Jackson (Miami Herald) has a different take on Taylor. He reasoned the the Dolphins should do anything they can to make Taylor a member of the Dolphins.



Jackson feels that Taylor is an example of a rare opportunity when  it come to a young star player becoming available in his prime. Jackson reasoned that Taylor would help  Tua Tagovailoa and the Dolphins if the QB misses any playing time.


Jackson’s take:


The Dolphins need to make this deal, not only because of how it would help Tua Tagovailoa, but also because of how it could boost Miami’s chances of surviving any multiweek injury to their quarterback, who hasn’t played a full season since the Dolphins drafted him.


What are your

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on Taylor coming to Miami?


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