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Miami Dolphins Christmas


The Miami Dolphins played in one of the most famous games in NFL history on Christmas Day back in 1971. That game is famous for being the longest game in NFL history.


Miami Dolphins Christmas Past


Entering the playoff game on Christmas day (1971) against the Kanas City Chiefs, the Miami Dolphins had not won a playoff game as a franchise. The franchise started play in 1966. So, it was already an important game before kickoff. Once the ball was kicked off, it became one of the most talked about games in the history of pro football. To this day, I hear Dolfan tell tales of this game. I was two years old at the time of this game. So, I can only listen to the tales and read about them.

The Miami Dolphins were underdogs entering the Christmas day playoff game. The teams played as equals for the entire regulation. When the final regulation whistle sounded the score was 24 to 24. So, an overtime time period was going to be needed to decide the outcome of this playoff game.

Then the unexpected happened! The first overtime period would expire with still no winner decided. The game entered the rare air of double overtime in pro football. A winner was needed because this was the playoffs. Someone needed to be eliminated and someone had to move on to the next round. Onto the second OT!

In the second OT, the Dolphins would win on a Garo Yerepremian field goal. When it was all said and done it took 82 minutes and 40 seconds of football on Christmas for the Dolphins to earn their first-ever playoff win.


Fins Christmas Present


The Miami Dolphins need a win on Christmas day 2022. Yes, they will not be eliminated if they lose. Yet, you feel a win is a must since Miami has lost three games in a row entering this game against the Green Bay Packers. If Miami wants to be serious contenders, they cannot lose four games in a row in December.

The Packers are coming in while playing their best ball of the season. They have a losing record overall but have won two straight games. The Dolphins will need to regain the form of their five-game winning streak if they want to end their current losing streak. The Packers can run the football well. The Dolphins have stopped the run, for the most part, this season.

Green Bay still has Aaron Rodgers, so it will not be an easy home game. Rodgers might be having a down year by his standards but he still is one of the most talented quarterbacks in the league. It will be vital that when the Dolphins have the ball they control the clock. Keep the ball away from Rodgers. The Christmas day game plan for the Dolphins should be to run the ball! The Packer defense pass defense is stronger than their rush defense.

This Christmas day game will not go as long as the classic playoff game. But, it is still a must-win for the Dolphins if they want to get back to their days of winning playoff games. This might not be a playoff game but a win is needed if for nothing else to get the mojo back for the 2022 Dolphins!


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