Miami Dolphins playoff bound

Miami Dolphins Kick Into Playoffs!


Jason Sanders had some rough moments this season but today he kicked the Miami Dolphins into the playoffs! Sanders kicked 3 field goals today as the Dolphins beat the New York Jets.


Playoff Bound!


This Week 18 victory by the Dolphins will not go down in the beautiful game vault. Yet, coming out on top is a thing of beauty. Skylar Thompson avoided making any rookie mistakes. He took what was available. Miami snaps a 5 game-losing streak just in time to make the playoffs.

The Dolphins only got the three field goals from Sanders and a safety as time expired. It was enough to win. But, they still needed help from the Buffalo Bills. The Bills provided the needed help as they beat the New England Patriots. Now, Miami will face the Bills next week.

Hopefully, some of the players that missed the past couple of weeks will be able to play in the playoffs. For now, just enjoy this victory from your favorite team. As always, Fins Up!



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