Miami Dolphins Mock Draft, 2023

Miami Dolphins Mock Draft 2.0


This Miami Dolphins Mock Draft 2.0 has one trade down. For this post, I used the stimulator of the Pro Football Network.



2023 NFL Mock Draft 2.0 Miami Dolphins


Miami Dolphins Mock Draft 2.0






Missed Out


Miami Dolphins, Missed Out, Mock Draft



What are your first thoughts on my Miami Dolphins Mock Draft 2.0? Since the last mock conducted by Bobby Melendez (AKA Bobby Fins Talk of the Fins Talk Sports Network) involved a trade-up, I started this 2.0 version with the requirement of 1 trade down. The next one will involve no trades. I had the goal of obtaining an extra pick in the 110 to 130 range. Lo and behold, pick 120 was offered up to me right in the middle of that range. My target for that pick was Chase Brown.

I know Brown has not received that much attention from Dolphins fans, but he has been interviewed by the team according to media reports. Most fans will knock me for passing on Gibbs at 51, but I used the chance to move down just 6 spots to gain an extra pick in my desired range. I decided to show you in one of the above graphics of the players that I missed out on by trading down.


My Draft: Miami Dolphins Mock 2.0


Pick 57 (Traded down from pick #51): Siaki Ika (DL)


Siaki Ika is a giant of a man. The Dolphins will need a giant of the man to play in Vic Fangio’s defense. Justin Caballero of Digging in the Trenches believes that Ika will be a good fit for Miami. Caballero said, “Ika can play 0 tech 0r 1 tech, in other words, he is a good old-fashioned nose tackle.” He will clog up the middle allowing the linebackers to do their job.

He might not be the “sexy” pick that Dolphins fans want but it makes sense. Miami has brought in some defensive linemen for visits during this 2023 NFL Draft process. Christian Wilkins will be playing on his 5th-year option in 2023 if his contract is not reworked before the season. There is no such thing as too many big men when talking about the depth of the defensive line.


Miami Dolphins, Siaki Ika, Mock draft, 2023


Pick 84: Matthew Bergeron (OL)


Matthew Bergeron is another big man that fills another big need. Bergeron is somewhat what a pick of need here but also was among the best players available in this mock. He should be able to compete for a starting role early in his career. This prospect has experience at both tackle positions, in Miami he would be given a legitimate shot at right tackle. Bergeron’s position versatility is a plus. Some teams might view him as a guard in the NFL.

Just like along the defensive line, you can’t have too many quality offensive linemen since most games are won up front. The Dolphins’ history of missing poorly along the OL might make fans a bit nervous, but this prospect seems to fit the mold. I’m happy he fell to pick #84 for my Miami Dolphins Mock Draft 2.0.


Matthew Bergeron, 2023 NFL Draft, Miami Dolphins,Thirsty




Pick 120 (Acquired via trade down from pick #51): Chase Brown (RB)


I targeted Chase Brown in this draft. Brown talents are a good match for Miami’s offense. There is no need to say too much more about Brown in this spot because you can read my draft profile of him by clicking here. Brown to me almost brings the same value as Gibbs does to the table for the Dolphins. Yes, I rate him higher than others but he is a quality pick that should pay quick dividends. By trading down I was able to land a quality DL prospect as well as one of my favorite backs in this year’s NFL Draft.


miami dolphins mock draft 2.0, Chade brown, dolphins thirsty


Pick 197: Brenton Strange (TE)


Brenton Strange is a tight end out of Penn State, I was hoping that some higher-ranked tight ends fell to the Dolphins in this mock draft. But, none of the available tight ends at the time of the higher picks match the value of the pick. I’m not really sure that Strange will fall to this point in the draft even though I have seen a wide range of reviews on him.

I’ve seen people saying that Strange could go as high as the third round. Yet, others say he could drop to the 7th round. Most sites that cover the draft seem to have him in the range of the 4th to 6th rounds of the 2023 NFL Draft. Strange has the skill set to be a solid contributor at TE for an NFL team. But for this mock, he fell to the 7th round so I pounced.

Per Kyle Crabbs of Locked on Dolphins: Expectations for Strange should be tempered in his rookie season as it takes tight ends longer than other positions to be NFL-ready. Crabbs likes Strange as he seems to be a traditional TE with the skills to play in-line. Kyle Crabbs also likes that Strange is good at creating yards after the catch. Crabbs put a 3rd round draft value on Strange, so expect Miami to select him higher than this dream 7th-round pick if he is a target.

A “Strange” sidenote: Some top-level Miami Dolphins staff members, including Mike McDaniel, attended Penn State’s pro day. Reports surfaced of McDaniel speaking to Strange.


Brenton Strange, Miami Dolphins, Thirsty, Mock draft 2.0


There you have it! Dolphins Thirsty’s Mock Draft 2.0! Yes, I know no one really knows how the draft will fall but mock drafts are fun. Some of these players will probably not be on the board at the allotted picks of the Dolphins. Yet, others that we are not expecting might be on the board.

Tell us how what you think of this mock draft. Share your mock draft for the Miami Dolphins and have it posted on our site with your explanations! Reach out to us at Dolphins Thirsty on Twitter or email us at Fins Up!





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