Miami Dolphins news, today, 2023

Miami Dolphins News 09/18/2023


The most important Miami Dolphins news is the fact they are 2 and o. Both wins coming on the road against tough opponents within the AFC.


News on the Dolphins


Mike McDaniel (Head coach) had his day after game news conference. McDaniel provided some information on the injury front.

RB Salvon Ahmed sustained a groin injury in the Sunday night game against the New England Patriots. The good news is that it does not appear to be a tear. So, the coach said it seems like it will not be a long term issue, but went on to say that groin injuries can be tricky. He said they should know more later this week.

WR Jaylen Waddle is currently in concussion protocol as a result of the hit he took late in the game. Like Ahmed, more information should be known later this week.

LB Jaelan Phillips and OT Terron Armstead both were on the inactive list for last night’s game. The coach said both Phillips and Armstead thought they could play. But, the team decided to take the long term care route for both players. He said they are trending in the right direction to play in week 3. But, did not go as far as saying they will play.


Running Game


RB Raheem Mostert was the offensive star of this game for the Dolphins. He had two rushing rushing touchdowns. He put a up 121 yards rushing as he averaged 6.7 yards per attempt. Mostert’s long run of the night was a touchdown of 43 yards. That was the Dolphins final touchdown of the night. On a side note, according to Next Gen Stats Mostert had a top speed of 21.62 MPH which is the second fastest from someone with the a ball this season.

The Dolphins have the the top 3 highest speeds this season. WR Tyreek Hill has the other two.


The Press Conference




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Raheem Mostert Runs the Dolphins to a Win

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