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Not much Miami Dolphins news came out of Mike McDaniel’s press conference yesterday (10/24/2022). Unfortunately, the bit of news we did learn was not good. It was revealed that the injury that safety Brandon Jones sustained on Sunday night is going to cause him to miss time. McDaniel advised that Jones will be placed on injured reserve (IR). Going on IR requires a minimum of a 4-week absence.

When asked if Jones would return this season McDaniel stated, “Again, I’d be hesitant to say that until we get all the information. That’s not really fair to him or anyone. We’ll hope for the best information coming back. But more than likely, he is going to be on IR on Wednesday, and we’ll know a little bit more by then.” The Dolphins news did not get much better when Bryon Jones was brought up.


Byron Jones Still Not Ready


The coach was asked if this is the week that Bryon returns. But, McDaniel did not give news that fans of the Dolphins were hoping for on this front.

He stated, “I don’t think it’s going to be, no. I think the whole process is definitely frustrating for all parties. But these things are individualistic and how people recover from things. I know it’s not because it’s not for all the effort from both sides, from our medical staff and from his side as well. It doesn’t look like this weekend. As far as when it’s going to be, I just don’t like to speak from – I think it’s kind of irresponsible to just spew out. I literally have no idea. We hope but we’re prepared. We can’t control the uncontrollable. So as far as that timeline, it’s frustrating to say so I know it’s frustrating for you guys to keep asking, but it is what it is.”

Dolphins News & Notes


The return of Tua Tagovailoa can be racked up on the good side of Dolphins news. The offense got off to a hot start with Tua back at the helm. Yes, it sputtered later in the game as Tua showed some signs of rust. He was off-target on a few of his throws. The Steelers also made some defensive adjustments. Hopefully, Tua is set to go moving forward. The Dolphins can’t afford to lose any more ground in their quest to make the playoffs.

Dolphins news might be slow but Miami’s rival, New York Jets, pulled off a trade yesterday. After learning that RB Breece Hall will not return this season, the Jets traded for RB James Robinson. Robinson was acquired from the Jacksonville Jaguars for a conditional draft pick.

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