miami dolphins no need to panic

Miami Dolphins No Need to Panic


A trip to any Miami Dolphins social media page will quickly show that some fans of the Fins are hitting the panic button.  But, I see no reason to be nervous at this time.


No Need to Panic the Miami Dolphins are Fine…..For Now!


Yes, I would love to see an All-Pro level player signed to man the right tackle (RT) position. But, the reality is that you can’t have top-dollar players at every position. The Dolphins already have big contracts tied up with Terron Armstead, Tyreek Hill, Bradley Chubb, and Jalen Ramsey. Xavien Howard set the CB market recently as well. Miami has money committed through 2024 with Tua Tagovailoa after picking up his 5th-year option.

I know they reworked some of those contracts but that is only kicking the can down the road. Do you keep Christian Wilkins? If so, you will need to pay him sooner rather than later. Wilkins will be playing on his 5th option in 2023. If not, then do the Dolphins look to trade Wilkins when the team has some contract control an interested team might like? My gut says they will rework his contract freeing up some money in the near term but that once again only pushes the can down the road.

With all that said, I still do not feel the need for the Miami Dolphins to hit the panic button. As mentioned above, I agree with the masses in that the offensive line needs some upgrades, especially at RT. However, I do not share the same concern that some Miami fans feel about the need to trade for a “big named” running back. The “Dolphins brass” seem to have confidence in the running backs (RB) we had last year. Not only have they said it but they have backed up those words by re-signing all the RBs.


Needs to Make Sense


That does not prevent Miami from drafting one or even signing one that may get cut by another team post-June 1st. Trading for a “sexy name” does not make much sense from a solid team-building standpoint. The Dolphins already have had limited draft capital over the past two years due to trades or penalties. To give up precious draft capital and contract resources for an aging RB just does not make sense at this time.

The offseason is relativity young so the Dolphins can still improve at RT and RB. So, there is no need to panic unless you really want an ALL-Pro in those spots.


The Bottom Line


Many of the fans hitting the panic button for the 2023 Miami Dolphins are blaming it on not paying attention to the OL. If I hit the panic button it will be for the execution of the plan. It is not like Miami has ignored the OL. They drafted Austin Jackson in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. They moved up 10 spots in the 2nd round in 2021 to draft Liam Eichebberg. To move up just 10 spots, Miami traded away a 3rd round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft to “secure” Eichenberg.

As mentioned, they signed Armstead just last off-season to a huge deal. The Dolphins also signed Conner Williams before the 2022 season. Miami did hit on Robert Hunt in 2020 in the 2nd round. But, also drafted Solomon Kindley in the 4th round of the 2020 draft. So, they took 3 OL picks in the 1st 4 rounds in 2020. Take it back to 2019 and they took Michael Dieter with a 3rd round pick.

The Miami Dolphins know the plan of needing OL but can they execute it? Don’t hit the panic button….Yet.



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