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Miami Dolphins Trivia Tuesday 2


Time for Miami Dolphins Trivia Tuesday! Keep checking back for more Fins content as well as for more quizzes for Dolfans. Relax like our friend in the photo! Take the quiz! All for fun for Dolphins fans. Learn about the Fins as you go! Some of these are tough to know! So, a good way to find out!


Miami Dolphins Trivia!


#1. Trent Sherfield went to which college/univeristy?

#2. Who currently holds the Dolphins' team record for receiving yards for a season?

#3. Jason Sanders attended which college/university?

#4. Which player has the most career rushing yards for the Dolphins?

#5. What jersey number did Joe Rose wear for the Miami Dolphins?

#6. Which kicker holds the career scoring record for the Dolphins?

#7. Which punter has punted for the most yards all time for the Miami Dolphins?



So how did you do?
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