Miami Dolphins Trivia

Miami Dolphins Trivia Tuesday 9


Another Tuesday means it is time for Miami Dolphins Trivia Tuesday 9!


#1. Prior to being on the Miami Dolphins, Zach Sieler was on which NFL team?

#2. Jerome Baker attended which college/university?

#3. John Offerdahl attended which college/university?

#4. Chad Henne was drafted by the Dolphins in which round?

#5. Which division rival did the Dolphins beat every time in the 1970s?

#6. Bruce Hardy wore which jersey number for the Dolphins?

#7. The Miami Dolphins drafted John Bosa out which college/university?



So Miami Dolphins fans, how did you do on this Trivia Tuesday quiz on the Fins? Let us know here or by telling us on Twitter. Give us feedback on eras that you would like to see covered!


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