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Playoff Chances and Miami Dolphins Notes


The Miami Dolphins have lost three straight games. Yet, their chances of making the playoffs are alive and well. There is still a lot of hope surrounding the 2022 version of the Fins.


Playoffs chances are Still Strong for Miami but Wins are Needed!


The most direct path to the playoffs is to beat the remaining two division rivals on the schedule. Victories over the New England Patriots (road game) and the New York Jets (home game) will earn Miami a spot in the postseason! So, that is the best road for more football for the Fins. Of course, winning all 3 remaining will be the best option. But, victories over the Jets and Patriots will earn a spot even with a loss to the Packers on Christmas day.

The chances of Miami advancing to the playoffs fall if they don’t beat both the Patriots and the Jets. Yet, there are still other routes to take. According to, Miami has a 70% to 72 as of 12/19/2022 to earn a postseason spot.

Other routes for Miami to move onto the playoffs, beat the Packers and Jets, but lose to the Patriots. This will still give the Dolphins a 95% chance of making the playoffs. While beating the Packers and Patriots with a loss to the Jets, drops the chances to 88% according to an article from Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

If Miami loses the next two games but ends the regular season with a victory over the Jets the playoff chances fall to 69%. The Los Angeles Chargers are now ahead of Miami in playoff seeding due to their victory over the Dolphins. The Chargers have a much easier schedule moving forward, so the chances of jumping ahead of them are slim. LA’s final 3 games are Colts (road), Rams (home), and Broncos (road).


Other Notes and Thoughts


  1. If Miami does make the playoffs, their defense is going to improve their performance on the road.
  2. Mike McDaniel must continue to improve in terms of having Miami run the ball more often. Especially when it is working like it was against the Bills.
  3. Bradley Chubb’s presence on the field may be helping other players perform better such as Jaelan Phillips. But, Miami gave up a lot in terms of draft capital and money to acquire him. So, it is vital that he steps in making game-changing plays.
  4. Miami’s secondary has been depleted with injuries this season. Yet, they must continue to find ways to overcome these injuries if they want to make noise this season.


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