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Real Talk Fins Talk Episode 6


This is episode 6 of Real Talk Fins Talk! The show airs live every Tuesday at 7:30 pm (EST) on the Fins Talk Sports Network. I’m a co-host with Steve MolloySorry, this week we ran into some technical issues so the beginning of the show was not recorded. Thank you for understanding! Enjoy what there is of it! The Fins Talk Sports Network is a great network that is quickly growing. It is a must-subscribe for Dolfans. But, it also has basketball, wrestling, and more! Give it a look! The Network is operated by Bobby Melendez.


Episode 6 of Real Talk Fins Talk



Thank you for watching this VLOG on the Miami Dolphins. Tune in live every week to chat with us. The point of the show is to connect directly with fellow Dolfans. Our passion can be seen! Again, sorry for the beginning that was cut off. We were just going crazy about the trade with dance moves and all. So, it is probably better you missed it! Tell Dolphins Thirsty how you liked the show. Let us know what topics you would like to see on this site as well as the weekly Real Talk Fins Talk show. As Always Fins Up!


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