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Dan Marino T-Shirt

A Dan Marino T-shirt that can be found on Fanatics! Did you root for the fins back when the #13 played for the Fins? Or do you know someone that did?  If yes, then this cool for you or makes a great gift!


Dan Marino T-Shirt!

If you had the pleasure of seeing #13 play then you know how awesome he was! A Dan Marino  T shirt was popular back in the 1098os when you walked around in South Florida!

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The Dolphins are expected to have a good season in 2023, but man it is tough to be as exciting  of those years when #13 would throw the ball to Mark Clayton, and Mark Duper! Miami did not win a Super Bowl during that era, but wow! so much fun!

Get a Dan Marino T-Shirt to remember those great days! Or get one for someone that may have not gotten the chance to see him toss the ball around, but still appreciates the history of the Fins Up team that plays in South Florida.

I know lots of fans still wear the #13 jersey, but those can get pricey! This Dan Marino T-shirt comes in a very good price point!

Now, you get to show your team spirit at an affordable price! A hall of famer and Dolphins legend! What a way to show that you got to one of the greatest to ever play the the game!

Miami had a perfect season in 1972 but I was only 3 years old when that happened so I do not have memories of that era of great football in Dolphins history.

I did get to see the hall of famer play in the 1980 and 1900s though, I will never forget those fun and exciting times! I still wear my Dan Marino T-shirt with pride! hopefully, one day the Dolphins will win a Super Bowl that I will remember! But, until that happens, the era of Dan throwing to the two Marks will be tough to top! Fins Up!


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