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Sunday Night Miami Dolphins Football


Sunday Night Football will be set in South Florida tonight! What can the Miami Dolphins do to make sure that they make Dolfans celebrate a win? There is no shortage of storylines as the Pittsburgh Steelers pay a visit to Hard Rock Stadium. Miami Gardens, Florida will be hopping with game talk among tailgating Fins fans in this one. But, the side stories are plentiful as well.


Sunday Night Storylines!


The most interesting part of the story for Dolfans is the return of Tua Tagovailoa. After missing the past 2.5 games, the left-hand throwing quarterback (QB) is set to return Sunday night. It could not come soon enough as the Dolphins have not won without Tua manning the QB position. One of the keys to the game is will be how Tua plays after being away. Yet, a more vital key to winning will be the people in front of him.

For the Dolphins to win this Sunday night game, the offensive line must protect him. The Dolphins have lost quarterbacks due to injury in far too many games this season. A winning recipe always involves protecting the most position on the field. The Dolphins OL has not been able to do this the past few weeks. Yes, some of it falls on the QB in terms of getting rid of the ball in a timely manner. Yet, there is no doubt that the Dolphins’ OL has been a disappointment so far this 2022 season.

The OL must also open up running for the backs. A good balanced offensive attack will also help keep the pressure off Tua. If Terron Armstead is in the lineup, it will go a long way in helping the pass protection. For the Dolphins to shine in primetime during this Sunday Night Football game, the OL needs to be up to the task.


Brian Flores and Stephen Ross


Other storylines involve the return of Brian Flores as well as Dolphins owner, Stephen Ross. Of course, the return of Flores to South Florida falls in the same week as the suspension for Ross ends. That is how the NFL rolls! Ross fired Flores this past offseason as a result of not being on the same page. Leaks came out that Flores was not working well with others on the coaching staff. Soon after those leaks, the lawsuit brought on by Flores was made public. If you’re a Dolphins fan there is no need to get into the details because you already know! But, yes the lawsuit led to the suspension of Ross as well as the loss of NFL Draft capital for the Dolphins. So, this Sunday night game is not lacking drama.

Almost lost in all the hoopla, it is easy to forget that this also marks the South Florida return of Minkah Fitzpatrick. The Dolphins drafted Fitzpatrick with a first-round selection in the 2018 NFL Draft. But, Flores and Fitzpatrick did not seem like a good fit once Flores took over the head coaching duties for the Dolphins in 2019. Fitzpatrick was traded to the Steelers. Ironically, now Flores is part of the Steelers coaching staff.

A Sunday Night to Honor Perfection


The 1972 perfect team will be honored during the Sunday Night game. The 2022 season marks the 50th Anniversary of the Miami Dolphins 17 & 0 season. They are still the only NFL team to ever complete an undefeated season with a Super Bowl Championship. Dolphins players from other eras have been on hand this week to pay tribute to the perfect team.


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