super cool tua tagovailoa

Super Cool Tua Tagovailoa


The return of Tua Tagovailoa is super cool for fans of the Miami Dolphins. Tagovailoa had a press conference yesterday which was his first contact with the media since going out without a concussion. Tua is excited to be back he told reporters at the press conference. Yes, fans are excited as well!


“Super Cool” Neighbors Helped Tua



Notes from Tagovailoa’s press conference. He gave a “shout out” to his super cool neighbors for helping him during his recovery from the concussion. That was a nice touch from the Dolphins signal caller.

Tagovailoa described the concussion protocol process as long. But, he stated he appreciates it because it is to improve player safety. As far as the Cincinnati Bengals game in which he sustained the concussion, Tua does not remember much after the hit. He does not remember being carted off but does remember some of the ambulance ride as well as some time at the hospital. He said he was unconscious after the hit, so did not know what was going on. Tagovailoa said he remembers the entire night before the tackle.

The hardest part according to Tua is watching his team go out to battle without him being able to help on the field. It was super cool for fans to hear him address the need to throw the ball away if needed. He admitted that he has a habit of trying too hard to make a play at times. So, moving forward he will try to throw the ball away if nothing is there on the play.

Tua seems super excited to be able to return to football. He said past injuries do not weigh on him when he is on the field. Tagovailaoa said the injuries weigh on his parents more so than him. The young QB was told by doctors that he is less susceptible than players at other positions to getting long-term CTE. The reasoning Tagovailoa gave was that quarterbacks do not get hit on the head every play like in some other positions.

Tagovailoa said it will be “cool” to go against the Pittsburgh Steelers with Brian Flores on the coaching staff. He is not too concerned that Flores knows what he likes and does not like. Tagovailoa described the offense as new. Tua is super excited to play in prime time on Sunday Night Football.

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