the miami dolphins lose the AFC East

The Miami Dolphins Lose AFC East Showdown


The Miami Dolphins had a chance to win their first AFC East title since 2008, but they fell to the Buffalo Bills. Miami could not get anything done on offense. The Bills beat Miami 21 to 14 to secure the AFC East title for the fourth consecutive year.


Ugly Night at Hard Rock


The Dolphins defense their job despite giving up lots of yardage, they gave up only 14 points. Special teams allowed the other score which seemed to break the will of Miami.

Josh Allen turned the ball over three times, but Miami did not take advantage of those turnovers. The Dolphins could only muster 14 points on offense.


Dolphins Must Travel to KC


The playoffs are still in the Dolphins future this year, but now they will have to play all of the games on the road. Miami had a three game lead in the AFC East race, but it slowly slipped away during December. Buffalo put the finishing touches on Miami’s collapse last night.

Now, Miami must take on the defending Super Bowl Champions, Kansas City Chiefs, in what is looking like a cold weather game. This is all because Miami fell to have a solid December once again. The loss to the Tennessee Titans came back to haunt this Dolphins team.

There are no excuses, the Dolphins must find a way to win in KC. If not, then season will be deemed a failure by most people’s standards.


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