Miami Dolphins, 70 to 20

The Miami Dolphins Smackdown the Broncos!


The Miami Dolphins smackdown the Denver Broncos in historic fashion. The final score was 70 to 20! Yes, that is correct, you read it read right! A complete team victory!


70 to 20!!


There are too many stars to name in this one! As the song says, in the air on the ground, the Miami Dolphins are in control! I had the pleasure of being at this game with my youngest son. We will never forget this performance!


Miami Dolphins stats, 70 to 20


I will write more on this game tomorrow! De’von Achane had an amazing game! So did many others! Watch on show on YouTube!

The show will live on Monday morning (09/24/2023) at 10 AM (EST).

Fins Up! 70 to 20 is super!

Trivia on the Perfect Team!




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