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Training Camp Notes August 9th


The Dolphins have had joint practice sessions with the Atlanta Falcons the past two days. The practices have been held at Miami’s training complex.


Concerns with the OL Linger


Anyone that has followed the Miami Dolphins over the past few years, know the Fins have struggled to put together a consistent OL group. It is not from lack of trying. But, the execution of the plan has been rough. The Fins have drafted guys high in the draft. They have signed a high-priced left tackle. They have changed OL coaches more than some of you change socks over the past decade.

Yet, here we we are still getting reports from the local beat writers that the Dolphins offensive line is getting beat by the Falcons. Normally, at this point in training camp I am not overly concern about these kind of reports since teams are still working things out. But, when it comes to the OL on the Dolphins, I am concerned.

Why am I concern more about the OL? Because, the Miami Dolphins have gone through multiple general managers, coaching staffs, and of course players. Yet, for about a decade the until has struggled.


Other Notes


Jaylen Waddle appeared to get injured while making a catch today. He walk off the field under his own power but did not return.


Inconsistent QB Play


  1. It seems like Tua Tagovailoa was inconsistent today. He had several good throws followed by bad ones. His accuracy was also not has sharp as usual per Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.
  2. Devon Achane continues to impress onlookers as well as teammates. Achane had a 25 yard TD reception from Skylar Thompson today.
  3.  The Falcons got pressure on all of the QBs of the Fins today.
  4. Like Tua, Mike White and Thompson have had some good moments during camp as well as the sessions against the Falcons. White seems to be the frontrunner for QB2.
  5. “If the goal is average, then I was super pumped,” Mike McDaniel said on the performance of the offense.


The Dolphins will tee it up for real in one month and one day. So, they need to smooth things out. No panic yet, but the reports of the line is very concerning at the least. They have 3 exhibition games ahead of them to get the ship sailing smoothly. The first pre-season game is this Friday night (08/11/2023).




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