Week 6 Miami Dolphins

Week 6 Vikings at Dolphins


A look back at week 5 before jumping into a week 6 preview. Well, Dolfans, Jets week was brutal, wasn’t it? With Teddy expected to take over having practiced all week with the starting offense, I felt good going into the game. We brought Teddy in to be one of the best backups in the league, and somebody who is more than capable of filling in for the starter when we need him.


What you can’t plan for is a head injury. Under the new rules (implemented literally this week because of the injury to our starting quarterback). Well, that knocked Teddy out of the game. Mike McDaniel said this week in Monday’s media availability that Teddy doesn’t have a concussion. Yet, under the new rules has to go through the protocol as if he does.

Skylar Time


Losing Teddy on Sunday meant that rookie Skylar Thompson had to come in off the bench in the very first drive of the game, taking over with the starting offense, with which he had zero reps. McDaniel addressed this with the media, explaining that your third-string quarterback never gets reps with the starters because you can’t overwork them, you have limited reps, and the current starting QB gets 80-100% of those reps.


It was a bitterly disappointing loss to the New York Jets after scrapping and fighting for a 2-0 start in the division. Beating the Patriots and the Bills put Miami in a really good spot in the AFC East, and taking an L to the Jets just cuts deeper as a result. Of course, they then galivanted and gloated post-game like they’d won a Super Bowl, with Michael Carter, who had 32 yards in the game albeit with two touchdowns, finding the end zone and proceeded to do the ‘Waddle’.

Make a note boys, and we’ll see them again in Miami. Now, a look ahead to week 6.


The Season Continues vs Minnesota Vikings Week 6



Miami will continue Minnesota game plans once again without Tua, who is not yet ready to return to any kind of contact football activity. The problem here is that Miami might also be missing Teddy Bridgewater, who is unable to return to the practice field until at least Thursday due to the concussion protocol. Week 6 will not be an easy one to predict for Dolfans.


It doesn’t end there. Tyreek Hill left the stadium in a walking boot but has said he feels good since. He practiced on Wednesday (See above photo). Terron Armstead also left the game having been banged up all week. He did not practice on Wednesday. Armstead is questionable going into this week’s game. But, the coach hinted that the big OT will try to be ready.


The main concern is the injuries Miami is currently facing with their cornerback duo. Our passing defense is built around elite man coverage corners Xavien Howard and Byron Jones. Without them, you either have to change the game plan or demand a lot more from young corners and depth. That could be a problem against Justin Jefferson this week…

Matchups in Week 6


There are some things that I like about our matchup this week. The Vikings like play-action and chunk yardage plays that drastically improve field position. However, Kirk Cousins has not been the best threat in the red zone so far this season. throwing two interceptions so far. Minnesota has had its own frustrations offensively, being able to move down the field but struggling to find paydirt consistently.


On the other side of the ball, Miami is playing extremely well in the red zone against the run. The Dolphins have allowed just one rushing touchdown from inside the red zone so far this season. If they can keep up that fine form and force red zone opportunities into the hands of Kirk Cousins, Miami could create a much-needed turnover or two in what could be a shaky game for the offense.

Miami really needs to start finding those turnovers on defense, currently only forcing one interception and three fumbles. This team has thrived on interceptions and takeaways in recent years, we need to see that return, especially with the offense limping.

Running Game


Raheem Mostert is emerging as a really good option at running back for Miami, with the majority of the reps on Sunday over Chase Edmonds. I liked what we saw from him this time out, with his season high for carries (18), yards (113), and his first touchdown as a Dolphin. He’s always been capable; the only problem has been his track record with injuries. Keeping him healthy through these turbulent times at quarterback is going to be pivotal.


The bye week can’t come soon enough. Miami’s 3-0 start has quickly dwindled to 3-2, and if we’re without Teddy Bridgewater this week, we’re asking a lot of Skylar Thompson in what will be his first (kind of second), NFL start. At least this week he’ll have some reps with the starters should he be called upon, but Miami just needs to get healthy.


The quarterback issue is one thing, but our top two corners are hurt, our top two receivers are battling nagging injuries every week, our star offensive lineman is banged up, and we need to avoid disastrous losses and keep a strong record ready for when they return.


If it’s Skylar taking the field this week, then we’re all team Skylar. We know what he can do, there’s a reason he was never designated to the practice squad. Let’s get behind the young man and steal a win against Minnesota. Hopefully, the home crowd at Hard Rock Stadium will motivate the team. #FinsUp

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