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A Splash Needed By Dolphins?


The NFL trade deadline is fastly approaching. Do you think the Miami Dolphins need to make a splash? If so, what positions or players do you want Miami to target? The trade deadline is November 1st, 2022. A wide receiver seems to be the furthest from a Dolphins’ need at this point. Yet, a name flying Dolphins Twitter is that of a receiver.



A Splash With a Bama Connection to Tua?


If you hang out in Dolphins’ social media circles, you no doubt saw the name Jerry Jeudy (WR) being thrown around by Dolfans. At first glance, this makes no sense. Why does it not make sense? Because Miami has two top-of-the-line receivers in Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle. Again, I do not see this as a major need for Miami. Yet, I do understand that from a connection standpoint with Tua it makes sense to see Jeudy linked to the Fins. For other possible Jeudy destinations, check out this article from rolltidewire.com.


Diggin-“N”-the Trenches

diggin n the trenches dolphins thirsty


Dolphins Thirsty made a splash by reaching out to Justin, of Digging “N” the Trenches, for players that make sense for the Dolphins. We do not have any sources and are not starting any rumors.  These are simply names that Justin and I feel could help Miami win games if they are or become available by their current teams. Make sure to follow Justin on Twitter @JPFScout.


A bigger splash of names that could help Miami move forward:


  1. Kareem Hunt: RB Cleveland Browns. According to some media reports Hunt is possibly on the trading block. Miami has needed to boost its running game for a long time. Could Hunt help in that regard? According to Pro Football Talk, the Browns are seeking a haul of picks similar to what the 49ers gave up for Christian McCaffrey. If that is the case, I believe the Dolphins are better off looking elsewhere.
  2. Greedy Williams: CB Browns. Another Browns player that media reports say that Browns will listen to offers on is Williams who was a second-round pick out of LSU. Williams has been dealing with hamstring issues this season, so not sure if the Dolphins will risk valuable draft capital on him since Miami is already dealing with their own set of injuries at the position. But, if the price is right it could make sense due to the unknown status of Bryon Jones.
  3. CJ Henderson: CB Carolina Panthers. The Panthers acquired Henderson in a previous trade. There have been no reports that we’ve seen that say Henderson is available. But, the Panthers have traded away some players this season, so might be in reset mode. Again, this is a position of need for Miami and could provide a splash of help to a depleted secondary.
  4. Bradley Chubb: LB/DE Denver Broncos. Chubb is best known for his pass-rushing skills. Yes, the Dolphins have Jaelan Phillips and Melvin Ingram. But, in a pass-happy NFL, you can never have too many push rushers. If the Broncos lose this week, there are reports that Chubb might hit the available list. This would be a splash that would require giving up some valuable assets.
  5. Dalton Risner: G Broncos. Again, this is if Denver loses this week. The Dolphins still need a guard to help the run game as well as to protect Tua Tagovailoa. This makes sense for Miami, but there have been no reports of him wanting a trade or being on the trade block as far as we know. Just a position of need fit for the Dolphins.
  6. Garrett Bradbury: Minnesota Vikings. This a very unlikely move. The Vikings are playing well, so they will not be looking to be sellers as the trade deadline approaches. Bradbury has picked up his play this season. The only reason his name is on this list is that the Vikings did not pick up his 5th-year option. So, they might not be able to keep him in free agency in the offseason. If they want an asset this would be the time to take action. Bradbury has stated that he wishes to stay in Minnesota.
  7. Elgton Jenkins: Green Bay Packers. Another position fit for the Dolphins. No links to a trade here, but it makes some sense. The Dolphins have some skill position playmakers that could interest the Packers. So, chalk this one up as unlikely but something that could benefit both teams.
  8. Mike McGlinchey: OT San Francisco 49ers. McGlinchey has been knocked by media that covers the 49ers for his poor performance against bull rushers this season. Dolphins’ coach McDaniel would be familiar with McGlinchey, so he made this list.


Justin also provided other names that we will discuss later. The other names will make a smaller splash around Dolphins social media. Yet, still of some interest! Do you like Miami Dolphins trivia? If so check out the Dolphins Thirsty quizzes!










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