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Yesterday, we had a blog article on some possible Miami Dolphins trade targets that would make a big splash. Today, we discuss other names that will fly under most people’s radars. Once again, I would like to thank Justin of Diggin “N” the Trenches for taking the time to speak with Dolphins Thirsty. Make sure to give Justin a follow on Twitter. He can be found @JPFScout. Same as yesterday, we have no sources or inside information of any kind on these players. They are simply players that we see as being able to help Miami win some games after the trade deadline. This year the trade deadline is November 1, 2022.


Miami Dolphins Trade Possibilities


The names here would make a smaller splash than the possible Miami Dolphins trade targets we brought up yesterday. Make sure to check out that article!


  1. Demetric Felton: RB Cleveland Browns. Yesterday, we listed a better-known Browns RB by the name of Kareem Hunt as a possible Miami Dolphins trade target. Felton has been a healthy inactive player at times for the Browns this season. He does have some return experience. Is it possible that Miami might see Felton with more upside than some of their own inactive backs? This move becomes unlikely if the Browns do pull the trigger on a Hunt trade. Felton would then be needed.
  2. Quinn Meinerz: C/G Denver Broncos. The Dolphins OL played better this past week. But, there is always room to improve depth and competition. If the Broncos lose this week, they may want to sell some assets in order to recoup some lost draft capital they dealt as part of the Russell Wilson trade. Meinerz has bounced back from an injury earlier in the season
  3. Jeff Willson: RB San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers pulled if a major trade in acquiring Christian McCaffrey. Does that open the door to them possibly moving on from Wilson? He has looked good when given the chance. Yet, in McCaffrey’s first game, Wilson’s number of carries dropped. Maybe Dolphins Coach Mike McDaniel knows that Wilson is a player that could help Miami. Miami Dolphins trade deadline moves or lack of moves will soon be known!
  4. Josh Jones: OT Arizona Cardinals. The Dolphins need depth along the offensive line. Yes, Terron Armstead is a stud when he plays. He has had a history of injuries in previous seasons which has caused him to miss games. He has been battling a toe injury which sat him out for 1 game this season. The RT spot has seen a few people play it for Miami this season. Hopefully, Austin Jackson returns from injury soon. Brandon Shell has performed okay the past two weeks. Yet, you just feel the team needs another quality option that can step in and play if needed. That is where Jones comes into the picture. He would add some depth but also offers some upside potential.


miami dolphins trade tips


Let Dolphins Thirsty know what you think in the comments section! What player would you like to be on the Miami Dolphins trade target list? Or do you prefer that they stand pat?



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