miami dolphins dealing for bradley chubb and jeff wilson

Dolphins Dealing at Deadline


The Miami Dolphins dealing it up on the NFL’s trade deadline today (11/01/2022). Miami traded with the Denver Broncos to acquire Bradley Chubb. The cost was not cheap in assets or the contract that they will have to give to Chubb. The Dolphins gave up the 2023 1st round pick they had previously received in a trade with the San Francisco 49ers. Miami also gave the Broncos a 2024 4th-round pick as well as RB Chase Edmonds. Miami will also get a 2025 5th-round pick from the Broncos.



The Dolphins dealing did not stop with that blockbuster trade. Minutes later it was learned that the Dolphins made a deal with the 49ers for RB Jeff Wilson. The Dolphins gave up a 2023 5th-round pick for Wilson.



Thoughts on the Dolphins Dealing it up?


Dolfans, are you happy with the moves made by the Dolphins today? Let us know here or on TwitterDolphins Thirsty had an article last week on Jeff Wilson being a possible trade target for Miami. See it here! Oh, wait! We also had one Chubb being a possible target!

Some quick stats:

Wilson 2022’s numbers: 92 carries for 461 yards. He is averaging 5.1 yards per carry. Wilson has 2 TDs on the season.

Chubb 2022’s numbers: 5.5 sacks, 15 tackles, and 2 forced fumbles. He has 26 career sacks in 49 games played.

Wilson’s touches have fallen since Christian McCaffrey was acquired by the 49ers, so he became expendable.

Chubb is young a pass-rush specialist. He has dealt with some injuries in the past. If healthy, he should team up well with Jaelan Phillips to form a nice tandem to get heat on the QB.


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