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Coach McDaniel’s Dolphins Tuesday Presser


The Miami Dolphins held Coach McDaniel’s press conference today (Wednesday/09-27-2022) instead of the normal time slot of a Wednesday. This was due to the short week in preparations to face the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday Night Football. 


Coach McDaniel’s Presser:




Tua Tagovailoa’s injury status was the first topic discussed. McDaniel said if this was a normal week, Tua would be listed as questionable for the game. He went on to joke that Tua even called him late last night just to check in on the coach. McDaniel feels that Tua will do anything in Tua’s power to play. He pointed out that there will be some pain for Tua, but does not know if the pain will limit his ability to perform in the game.

Coach McDaniel’s humor was shown again when he discussed Bengals’ QB, Joe Burrow. The coach said you can tell Burrow has swag when he exits the team bus. McDaniel discusses how being a first overall NFL Draft pick can be a burden to some players, but seems like a blessing to Burrow (1st pick in 2020 NFL Draft). He says he appreciates how Burrow has not only justified being the 1st pick but has exceeded expectations. Coach goes on to rave about Burrow’s talents.

When it comes to being high or tops in the various power rankings, McDaniel joked and said unless he missed something in the NFL bylaws these rankings do not get you a playoff berth. The team’s goal is to get better every week and to be playing their best football at the end of the season. Because the coach said that is when you’re truly judged. Coach McDaniel’s view is the team knows how important Thursday Night Football is, so they will adjust.

No Perfect Formula


McDaniel said there is no perfect formula to approach a game on a short week. You still have to sleep and eat well. There is no getting used to it since it only happens to a team once a year. Also, he knows no one cares once the ball is kicked off. McDaniel’s view so far is that he is pleased with the way the offense finishes plays.

When asked about his top 3 Dolphins running backs in history, the coach mentions Mercury Morris and Larry Csonka as no doubters. Also mentions Ricky Williams and Terry Kirby. But, admits he will have to think more about it in order not to forget anyone.

He says the team is “geeked up” to play on Thursday night. Tell Dolphins Thirsty on Twitter how you feel! Take a look at our Facebook page as well! Coach McDaniel’s press conferences are enjoyable, do you agree?

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