Victory Monday

Victory Monday


Random Dolphins thoughts on this Victory Monday. The Miami Dolphins finally beat the Buffalo Bills yesterday (09/25/2022). Entering the game, Miami had lost seven straight games against their AFC East rival. The oddsmakers as well as most of the TV/radio/internet pundits had Buffalo winning this game. Buffalo has a really good team. So, it was an understandable position, especially with how the Bills had blowout wins in the first 2 weeks.

The Dolphins were also 2 and 0 entering this week 3 divisional game, but many thought Miami was fortunate to be undefeated. Because they talked about how Miami needed a miracle comeback in the 4th quarter to beat the Ravens in week 2. Yet, Dolfans seemed pretty confident that their favorite team had a good chance to beat the Bills in this one. They were right! The Dolphins are now 3 and 0! You can read about yesterday’s game here. Victory Monday feels great!

Random Victory Monday Thoughts


Tua Tagovailoa might not have had the big “sexy” numbers as he did in last week’s epic game against the Ravens. But, he came through when needed in limited offensive opportunities. In one drive, Tua hit Jaylen Waddle for long gains of 32 yards and 45 yards. These were mostly “air” yards and not yards after the catch. Tua has proven multiple times now that he can throw the deep ball. So hopefully, that old narrative of him not being to throw long can be put to rest once and for all. Tua also threw a laser touchdown pass to Ryan Cracraft. Arm strength is not an issue for QB1 of the Miami Dolphins.

Mike McDaniel seems to have the players ready to play every week. In his first season, McDaniel is now 3 and 0! I questioned him for the first time yesterday at some points in the game. I thought the Dolphins might be more aggressive in attacking the Bills’ injury-depleted secondary. But, that was not the case. It might have been because the Bills dominated the time of possession. Who knows? However, his way proved victorious. I understand that at the end of the game, McDaniel did not want to give the Bills “free” timeouts by having incomplete passes when Miami was backed up to their own goal-line after stopping the Bills on downs. But, I questioned the first two plays on that drive. Yet, it was probably more of an execution thing than a play-calling thing. But, the QB sneak had me scratching my head. Yet, even after the “Butt Punt” the Dolphins held on for the win.

More Random Rumblings of a Dolfan on the Victory Monday


Jaylen Waddle (See Photo) has emerged as a top talent at the wide receiver position in the NFL in just his second season. Waddle had a fantastic rookie season as far as the number of receptions. He set an NFL record for a rookie with 104 in 2021. Yet, this year it seems like Waddle has stepped up his game even more. Now, he is making the plays that fans all hoped for when Miami drafted Waddle with the 6th pick of the 2021 NFL Draft. Yes, Waddle might be getting help from having Tyreek Hill getting a lot of attention from defenses this year. But, he is off to an incredible start no matter how you look at it.

Victory Monday is nice! But, for the players, it is a short week. Now, the Dolphins have to get ready for a quick turnaround to face the defending AFC Champions, Cincinnati Bengals, on the road this week on Thursday Night Football. As fans, we get to enjoy the victory over the Bills longer.

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