Miami Dolphins Trivia Tuesday

Dolphins Trivia Tuesday 5


It is time for Miami Dolphins Trivia Tuesday 5. You may or may not see some repeat questions from previous quizzes on the Fins as we move forward. It will help refresh the memory!



Trivia Tuesday 5 for Miami Dolphins Fan!


#1. Who has the most receptions in a single season for the Miami Dolphins?

#2. In 1984, the Miami Dolphins were known as a passing team. But, who led the team in rushing yards in '84?

#3. Dolphins punter Thomas Morstead attended which college/university?

#4. Miami won their 2nd straight Super Bowl after the 1973 season. Who had the most rushing yards for the team in '73?

#5. Dolphins guard Robert Hunt attended which college/university?

#6. Tyreek Hill was drafted in what year?

#7. After the Dolphins played against the 49ers in the Super Bowl, Marino and Montana did a commercial together for ?



So, how did it go? Let Dolphins Thirsty know here or on Twitter! More trivia quizzes on the Miami Dolphins can be found right here! Thank you for finding this quiz. We appreciate all the feedback our Miami Dolphins fan page has received for awesome Dolfans. Keep the comments coming!

The Dolphins are off this coming weekend as a result of their bye week? Do you plan to get out and about or watch other games? As Always Fins Up!


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