Tagovailoa and herbert

Tagovailoa and Herbert


The Tua Tagovailoa versus Justin Herbert debate rages on via social media. The debate all began during the months leading up to the 2020 NFL Draft. There were those that preferred the left-hand throwing quarterback (QB) out of Alabama. Then there were those that wanted the young star from Oregon.

What bandwagon were you on heading up to the draft?
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The Dolphins made their choice known to the world on April 23, 2022. They preferred Tua. So, they took Tua with the 5th overall pick of the draft. The Chargers immediately took the big QB from Oregon with the very next pick.


Tagovailoa and Herbert set to Faceoff 


Tagovailoa and Herbert will be going leading their teams against each other as the Dolphins will visit the Chargers on December 11, 2022. They have been at the helm for their teams in an NFL game already. On November 15, 2020, the then rookie quarterbacks went at it when the Chargers took on the Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium. The Miami Dolphins won the game 29 to 21.

QB Stats from the game 11/15/2020: (Source: Pro-Football-Reference)

Completions/attempts    Yards              TD      Int          Rush TD

Herbert             20/32                              187                   2         1                  1

Tagavailoa        15/25                               169                   2        0                 0


Tagovailoa was on the winning side in the matchup against Herbert. Yes, Herbert had the better overall rookie season with stats but Tagovailoa showed that when given the chance he can get it done on the field.

As their next game as foes approaches, many when call it Tua vs Justin, but as we all know it is a team game. It should be another solid contest as both teams will be trying to position themselves for a playoff run. It is never truly QB vs QB, but we as fans seem to love when top-of-the-line quarterbacks are on opposing sides.


Both Can be and are Good


A small but loud group of fans on both sides love to knock down either Tagovailoa or Herbert for whatever reason. I do not get it as a Miami Dolphins fan. For me, I became a Tagovailoa fan the second he was drafted by my beloved Fins. The same would have been true of Herbert if Miami had gone in that direction. I root for the uniform though I always appreciate the hard work put in by the real people wearing that aqua and orange.

Why can’t the social media warriors, just enjoy watching the QB they prefer each week? Why do some feel the need to point out every bad throw that Tagovailoa or Herbert makes? I will never get this way of thinking. I’m not trying to tell people how to be a fan, I just truly wonder why waste time knocking someone on another team. It is a lot more fun just to praise the guy on your favorite team.

The truth is that it is way too early to say who is going to have the better career. So far, it looks like both Tagovailoa and Herbert are good fits for their teams. You would think fans of these two franchises would understand each other. Both fanbases have had hall-of-fame quarterbacks named Dan. Yes, Dan Marino and Dan Fouts are the Dans I’m speaking about of course.

Marino and Fouts have a lot in common. They both put up huge numbers in their stellar careers that lead them to the Pro Football of Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. What else do they have in common? Neither one of them ever won the Super Bowl. Yes, that last fact is why Dolphins fans and Chargers fans should understand each other.

As a Dolfan, I miss watching Marino play to this day. So to me, I’m enjoying watching Tagovailoa kick butt this year. None of us know if Tua or Herbert will win a Super Bowl in their careers. Dolphins and Chargers fans have each seen hall-of-fame level QB play which never led to our team hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

Tagovailoa and Herbert Forever Linked


I understand that Tagovailoa and Herbert will be forever linked because of their back-to-back draft selection. But, in my view, there is no reason to tear apart the one that is not on your team. Just enjoy the one that is on your team. Just maybe they will face off in a future AFC Championship game. Oh my, that would be one heck of a week on social media!

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