Dolphins trivia

Dolphins Trivia



Hello Dolfans! How well do you know your Dolphins Trivia? Here are some questions for fun! Let Dolphins Thirsty know how you did! No cheating with the search engines of the world! You got this mastered! Fins up to all you awesome Dolfans!


Dolphins Trivia!


#1. What year were the Miami Dolphins founded?

#2. Dan Marino was picked in the 1st round in what year?

#3. Don Shula was hired by the Miami Dolphins in what year?

#4. Who was the first head coach of the Miami Dolphins?

#5. What two players in Dolphins players history have been the only ones to wear their jersey number for Miami?

#6. What two colleges did Jaelan Phillips attend?

#7. What team did the Miami Dolphins beat in the longest game in NFL history on Christmas Day in 1971?



So, how did you do? How matter the results, you are still part of the best fanbase in the galaxy! Share with others!

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