Dolphins Trivia Tuesday

Dolphins Trivia Tuesday


It is Miami Dolphins Trivia Tuesday here on the super fan site of the Miami Dolphins. Are you ready to test your Dolfan knowledge? If so, give it a go! Fins up and brains up!


Dolphins Trivia Tuesday!


#1. What Dolphins player became the 1st player to return a kickoff for a touchdown in a Super Bowl?

#2. Which Miami Dolphins player had 3 interceptions in the 1982 AFC Championship Game?

#3. What college/university did Dolphins legendary coach Don Shula attend?

#4. What college/university did current Dolphins Coach Mike McDaniel attend?

#5. Which one of these players did NOT attend University of Alabama?

#6. How many Super Bowls have the Miami Dolphins appeared in their history?

#7. In which state was Tua Tagovailoa born?



So how did you do on the quiz? Let others know about the results! Any suggestions on how to improve the Dolphins Thirsty quiz? All feedback is welcome. Yes, both the good and the bad. Tell us here in the comments section or reach out to Dolphins Thirsty on Twitter! Did you see the first Dolphins Trivia quiz on this fan page? If not, give it a try at Dolphins Trivia.


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Barbara C Botner
Barbara C Botner
1 year ago

Nice questions bring back some great memories!


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