Dolphins Tuesday thoughts

Dolphins Tuesday Thoughts


Dolphins Tuesday thoughts during NY Jets week. The Dolphins and Jets have a history of playing competitive games even in seasons when one team has a better roster. Miami seems to be the better team entering this year’s first meeting of the two rivalries. Yet, you just feel it will be a fight until the final whistle sounds.

Tua Tagovailoa has already been ruled out of the game as part of the NFL’s concussion protocol. But, even with a healthy Tua, this game was never going to be easy. The oddsmakers have the Dolphins as favorites. However, long-time fans of both franchises know that you can toss the favorite tag out the window in this matchup.

More Dolphins Tuesday thoughts. The Dolphins made the right decision to quickly name Teddy Bridgewater the starter while Tua sits out. Miami made Bridgewater one of the highest-paid backup quarterbacks in the NFL for this kind of moment. Yet, Skylar Thompson became a fan favorite in the preseason after playing well. So, there are a few fans that believe Thompson should be the starter.

Right now the Miami Dolphins are considered serious playoff contenders with how the roster was built. So, going with the veteran backup in Bridgewater is the correct choice. But, do not get me wrong.  If Tua misses extended playing time and Bridgewater is not contributing to winning football then Thompson should be given a chance. But, that is only if Tua is out a long time and if the Dolphins have fallen out of the playoff picture in the AFC.

What are your thoughts?

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Random Tuesday Thoughts about the Dolphins


The Dolphins need a healthy Xavien Howard as well as a return of a healed-up Byron Jones to really play the style of defense they prefer. The Dolphins defense came up with big strip-sacks in the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills games. Yet, there has been no consistent pass rush. Yes, the Dolphins have faced three of the top quarterbacks in the league to start the season. So, maybe there was some slight diversion away from the all-out pressure that Miami normally dials up. Miami’s corners have been giving bigger cushions to receivers which seems to have resulted in quarterbacks hitting quick passes to their targets.

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