Teddy Bridgewater

Teddy Ready?


Is Teddy Bridgewater ready? The Miami Dolphins made the South Florida native one of the highest-paid backup quarterbacks in the NFL this past offseason. So, they think Teddy is ready. Yet, many fans of the team are calling for Skylar Thompson to get the nod.

Bridgwater has an NFL resume that shows he is capable of leading a team to victories. In the 2014 NFL Draft, the Minnesota Vikings selected Bridgewater with the 32nd pick of the first round. Entering the 2022 season, in games that Teddy started his teams had a record of 33-30. Including this season, Bridgwater has thrown 72 touchdowns against 44 interceptions.


Bridgwater gives the Dolphins the best chance to win while Tua Tagovailoa is unable to play. Yet, many fans are calling for Thompson to be the guy that starts in place of Tagovailoa. While I understand the love affair with Thompson, it makes no sense to put the 7th round pick in charge at this moment in time. Yes, Thompson looked the part in exhibition games. But, this is no longer the pre-season. These games count and teams are putting their best players on the field. At this time, Teddy is clearly the right quarterback to steer the ship while Tua is out.

Head Coach Mike McDaniel quickly announced it would be Bridgewater that would be starting when Tagovailoa is out. Hopefully, the Dolphins can continue winning moving forward. Did you see the coach’s press conference? If not then take a look at it here.

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Do you want Teddy or Skylar?

Tell us in our brand new comment section. We all have our thoughts on the long-term health of Tua. The young man is a hard worker, sincere, and humble. He is a great person to have representing the Miami Dolphins.

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Elvis Monroe
Elvis Monroe
1 year ago

I think Teddy is a great Quarterback. He can and will come in and do GREAT things for us. However I do understand the majority fan base wanting Skylar in because he’s great and has shown us a glimpse at what he’s able to do and more. So let’s see how it plays out if Tua is down that should move Skylar up to the 2nd string position!! #FinsUp

1 year ago
Drop us a line about Tua as well" Read more »

Get well Tua!

Greg W
Greg W
1 year ago

Teddy will be fine. He will not be the main area of concern.


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